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ethereum turing complete

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Roger Penrose explains Godel's incompleteness theorem in 3 minutes
The EVM is a Turing complete virtual machine that can be accessed globally through a participating network node. The EVM's Turing completeness is measured. Solidity, the programming language used for building smart contracts on Ethereum, is Turing complete. It is a general-purpose language tailored. A Turing complete blockchain, such as Ethereum, has the computational capability to execute any conceivable program or smart contract, no matter.
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As the name crypto means hidden or encrypted, cryptocurrency refers to the hidden information that is written over the coin in its programming language. There are multiple types of cryptocurrencies used for transactions and data transferring processes. Turing-completeness is a word defined by Alan Turing which it describes the idea that some computing machines are capable of performing any task a computer can perform. Regardless of whether a device is Turing-completed or not, an undecided problem is not easily solved with the use of any program. Generally, understanding cryptocurrency requires a general understanding of blockchain.