11th July 2019 talk: ‘Activities to do at home and during the holidays’ with Liza Chinery from Golddust Education

13th June 2019 talk: ‘Strategies to support your child’s resilience’ with Boingboing

9th May 2019 talk: ‘Looking after and building parent resilience’ with Boingboing

April 1st- 7th Autism Awareness Week 2019: special screenings at Depot cinema

4th April 2019 talk: ‘Let’s talk about autism and anti-bullying’ with Kidscape

14th March 2019 talk: ‘The gut brain connection and role of nutrition’ with Abir Hamza-Goodacre from Starjumpz

14th February 2019 talk: ‘Pathological Demand Avoidance’ with Amber Redish

10th Jan 2019 workshop: ‘Supporting well-being’ with Judy Perraton, CLASS+ 1:1 clinic


13th December 2018 talk: ‘Emotional development milestones and autism’ with Amanda Fletcher

30th November 2018 teacher training event: iContact presentation on autism and parent voice

15th November 2018 Inclusion Conference: iContact autism awareness stall

8th November 2018 talk: ‘Steps to encourage inclusion and avoid exclusion’ with Andy Cutting from NAS

11th October 2018 talk: ‘Education rights and autism’ with Abbie Woodling from NAS

17th September 2018 student teacher training event at Sussex University: iContact presentation ‘autism and teaching, a quick tour’

13th September 2018 talk: ‘Making sense of sensory’ with Jo Brett from Starjumpz

14th June 2018 workshop: ‘Transition: moving onto secondary school or college’ with Amaze

9th April 2018 student teacher training event: iContact autism talk

26th March – 2nd April Autism Awareness Week 2018: Depot cinema hosts a range of events and activities, including instigating autism-friendly screenings.


5th December 2017 Pub talk: ‘EHCP fact finding evening’ with Amaze

28th November 2017 workshop: ‘Supporting sensory processing difficulties’ with Fiona Middlemass

16th November 2017 Inclusion Conference: iContact parent voice presentation

4th October 2017 Pub talk: ‘Shaping up social skills’ with TLC

23rd September 2017 Lewes Chilli Fayre: raising funds for iContact autism awareness

2nd September 2017 Lewes Societies Fayre: iContact autism awareness stall

1st July 2017 workshop: ‘Reducing challenging behaviour’ with Autism Train

7th June 2017 Pub talk: ‘Autism and transition’ with Dr Jacqui Shepherd

18th May 2017 workshop: ‘Presenting with confidence workshop’ with Esther Egerton

13th May 2017 Every Sort of People Festival: iContact sensory tent and autism awareness

31st March 2017 Autism Partnership Board: iContact survey results and parent voice presentation

30th March 2017 Pub talk: ‘Autism emotion and empathy’ with Dr Hannah Hobson

27 January 2017 Article in Sussex Express ‘Autism support group’s work could provide template for MP’


7 December 2016 Article in Parent Voice, East Sussex County Council’s magazine for families of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities ‘The iContact East Sussex Autism Survey’

18 November 2016 Article in Sussex Express ‘Families hopeful after publication of autism survey’

14 November 2016 Article in Learning Disability Today ‘Long waits for diagnosis and patchy provision of services, families of autistic children in East Sussex report’

10 November 2016 Article by Healthwatch East Sussex ‘East Sussex parents influence autism services with new report’

2 November 2016 Radio interview, Rocket FM: